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WTF-9 series is a 9mm Luger, semi-automatic, partially 3D-printed and partially machined firearm. The WTF-9 is evolution of its predecessor, the AP-9 2020. It defining changes is the elmination of the buffertube bolt over barrel deisgn. The majority of the bolt weight over the barrel design has made the WTF-9 a more smooth shooting in comparison. WTF-9 series is also the base design used for the WTF-CA and WTF-9 AVZ. It is suceeded by the MOD9 series.

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This graphic is a timeline, made on May 2021, documents WeightForward’s development of hybrid 3D printed firearms. You can see the MOD22X in the middle left.

⬆️ WTF-9HB (Hillbilly) ⬆️
⬆️ WTF-9MV (Mussy Variant) ⬆️

It is not recommened to build the WTF-9 firearms because it does not have several of the updates and improvements of the MOD9V2 and V3 design. WTF-9 files and documentation are archived and available for historical purposes. Note, WTF-9 parts are not compatible with the MOD9 series of firearms

The WTF-9 is constructed using 3D printed components, easily-obtainable hardware store fasteners, a DIY-style steel bolt, Glock barrels and a few other firearm components (Glock magazine, AK-47 recoil spring, and AR-15 FCG), or alternatively use none firearms components (3D printed Glock magazine, compression spring as a recoil spring, and 3D printed AR-15 FCG). The WTF9 series was developed to be the most advanced and capable 3D printed semi-automatic 9mm Luger Pistol Calber Carbine(PCC) at the time it was developed and released, in early 2020. The WTF-9 release comes with several accessories, such as multiple folding braces and stocks, grips, and foregrips

WTF-9 comes in two main variants, the WTF-9MV (Mussy Variant) and the WTF-9HB (Hillbilly), both of which are compatible with the variety of each others accessories. WTF-9 CA is desgined for california residents seeking to comply with their laws. WTF-9 AVZ is desgined to be completely DIY-able, bolt and barrel specifically, at home through the use of ECM and commonly avaliable tools.


All files, documents, and videos are released to the public at no cost, and under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

Megapack files (all the files below included) @

Mussy Variant files @

Hillbilly files @

Accesories files @

Machining-Welding Jigs files @



Derwood - Developer, Tester, and Designer of WTF-9HB (Hillbilly)

Mussy - Designer of WTF-9MV (Mussy Variant) and the WTF-9 accessories

Bob_the_Builderer - Technical drawings for metal parts

Wirbelwind - Developer Support

Insertmeow - Developer Support

Imrcly - Tester

Msftserver - File Management

Chuckschumer - Developer Support, Tester, and Designer of WTF-9 CA

Gordchenko - Developer Support and Tester

Parallax222 - Tester

ZipDic - Designer of WTF-9 AVZ

[Redacted] - Designer of WTF-9 CA



To Derwood by subscribing to his DefCAD page @

To Mussy by subscribing to his DefCAD page @

To Zipdic by subscribing to his DefCAD page @


Submitting Files

It is not recommended to design around the WTF-9 since it is succeeded by the MOD9V2 and MOD9V3.


Submitting Comments

Be advised that the WTF-9 is succeeded by the MOD9V2 and MOD9V3. If you have comments or questions regarding the WTF-9 sereis please direct them to our main chatroom group. Click here to be directed to the main chatroom or go to


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