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MOD9V2 is a modular 9mm Luger semi-automatic 3D printed and DIYable Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC). Its defining differences from the MOD9V1 are the several internal improvements to the design and additional accesories in the months following the MOD9V1's release. MOD9V2 supports much more various parts to build with than the V1. MOD9V2 also has the most thorough supporting documentation of the firearms released by WF&GCI, and has its own dedicated assembly video series.

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This graphic is a timeline, made on May 2021, documents WeightForward’s development of hybrid 3D printed firearms. You can see the MOD9V2 on the middle right.


Congratulations on choosing the MOD9V2. We hope you enjoy it, and spread the joy of this hobby through this design.

The MOD9V2 is the 3D printable and DIYable firearm we recommend to build if you starting out with building 3D printed firearms and/or have not built a 3D printed firearm before, because the MOD9V3 requires more work to assemble on your because of the bolt with extractor. Bolts, firing pins, and hardware parts kits are avilable from memebers in the WF&GCI online community, if you choose to go that route.

The MOD9V2 is constructed using 3D printed components, easily-obtainable hardware store fasteners, a DIY-style steel bolt, as well as a few firearm components (G17, SW9VE, & RP9 barrels, Glock magazine, AK-47 recoil spring, and AR-15 FCG), or alternatively use none firearms components (ECM barrel, 3D printed Glock magazine, compression spring as a recoil spring, and 3D printed AR-15 FCG). The MOD9V2 was developed to be the most advanced and capable 3D printed and DIYable semi-automatic 9mm Luger Pistol Calber Carbine(PCC) at the time it was developed and released, in Mid 2020. The MOD9V2 is a modular platform that comes with several different parts, such as multiple barrel retainers and handguards, braces, foregrips, grips, magwells, upper receivers, stocks, and most importantly has a dedicated community continually designing more parts, upgrades, and accessories.


All files, documents, and videos are released to the public at no cost, and under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

Files @

Videos @

BlackSmithsForLifes Github page and



Derwood - Co-Lead Developer

Mussy - Co-Lead Developer

ZipDic - Developer and Designer of MOD9-ZX (Proto)

InsertMeow - ECM, RP9,and SW9VE Upper Receivers and Barrel Retainers, Moe Grips, TripStip Magwell, Scorpion Evo Brace and Stock parts

SG2020 - CAD Qualty Assurance, compression spring Magwell, and MOD9V2 Parts List & Assembly Guide

v555 - Lower Bolt Jig and Pistol Endcap to Sidefolding Scorpion Evo Brace adapter

Vitayz - Scoprion Evo Brace and Stock parts

Sweatysausage - Tec-9 and Mlok RP9 Barrel retainers

Ghostman3 - Picatiny rail(Standard length) Endcap

Imrcly - MOD9V1 Assembly Suggestion Guide

Handydandy - MOD9V2 Build video series

Andrea1 - Readme, Repackageing the MOD9V2 Megapack, and this webpage

BlackSmithsForLifes - Github page

Hostserver - File Management

Lulzgoat - Developer Support



To Derwood by subscribing to his DefCAD page @

To Mussy by subscribing to his DefCAD page @

To Zipdic by subscribing to his DefCAD page @



See the MOD9V2 in action:

AGCast’s Video review of the MOD9V2 (MOD9V2 before the 05-02-21 Updates) @

The Liberty Lover’s brief video explanations @

More videos can be found @


Submitting Files and Comments

If you have files or documentation that you would be liked to be added into the MOD9V2 megapack, join WF&GCI’s MOD9 or main chatroom and mention it in their so the mod team sees it and starts that process. If you would like building support or have comments or questions regarding the MOD9V2 join WF&GCI’s MOD9 or main chatrooms to ask. MOD9 series chatroom links: click here and the short link is Main chatroom Links: click here or go to


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