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MOD9V1 is a modular 9mm Luger semi-automatic 3D printed and DIYable Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC). MOD9V1's innovative design is a combination of part completely modular firearm, making it enduser configureable and built using various different parts, and part bolt over barrel design, from the WTF-9, making it a smooth shooting firearm incomparison to its peers. MOD9V1 is also the base design used for the MOD9V1 that takes M11 mags and uses ECM barrel, Wargoat,and MOD40. Supporting documentation exists for the MOD9V1, but it is limited by comparison to its successors.

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This graphic is a timeline, made on May 2021, documents WeightForward’s development of hybrid 3D printed firearms. You can see the MOD9 in the middle.

It is not recommened to build the MOD9V1 firearm because it does not have several of the updates and improvements of the MOD9V2 and V3 design. MOD9V1 files and documentation are archived and available for historical purposes. Note, because of the updates to the MOD9V2 and V3 designs, most of those parts are not reverse compatible with the MOD9V1.

The MOD9V1 is constructed using 3D printed components, easily-obtainable hardware store fasteners, a DIY-style steel bolt, G17, SW9VE, & RP9 barrels and a few other firearm components (Glock magazine, AK-47 recoil spring, and AR-15 FCG), or alternatively use none firearms components (3D printed Glock magazine, compression spring as a recoil spring, and 3D printed AR-15 FCG). The MOD9V2 was developed to be the most advanced and capable 3D printed and DIYable semi-automatic 9mm Luger Pistol Calber Carbine(PCC) at the time it was developed and released, in Mid 2020. The MOD9V1 is a modular platform that has several different swapable parts: multiple barrel retainers and handguards, braces, foregrips, grips, magwells, upper receivers, and stocks.


All files, documents, and videos are released to the public at no cost, and under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

Megapack files @

Additional magwells files @

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Derwood - Co-Lead Developer

Mussy - Co-Lead Developer

Imrcly - MOD9V1 Assembly Suggestion Guide

Insertmeow - Developer of MOD9V1 that takes M11 mags and uses ECM barrel

Girzzlyman - Co-Developer of MOD9V1 that takes M11 mags and uses ECM barrel

Lulzgoat - Developer of Wargoat and the Goat bolt



To Derwood by subscribing to his DefCAD page @

To Mussy by subscribing to his DefCAD page @


Submitting Files

It is not recommended to design around the MOD9V1 since it is succeeded by the MOD9V2 and MOD9V3. Most major parts on the MOD9V1 are not forward compatible with the MOD9V2 and MOD9V3.


Submitting Comments

Be advised that the MOD9V1 is succeeded by the MOD9V2 and MOD9V3. If you have comments or questions regarding the MOD9V1 please direct them to our main chatroom group. Click here to be directed to the main chatroom or go to


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