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August 8, 2021 - 10 minutes
Firearms, not politics. This welcome message was crafted by the WF&GCI community moderators to help you out when you join online community, or if you are intrested in learning more about us and our firearms.


Welcome to WeightForward & GunCADIdeas - 3D printed firearms dev group

This is a chill group for firearms and 3D printing hobbyists. We focus on designing guns for the hobby community. Home of the Derwood Designs, Mussy Designs, and many other developers. The collective has released popular firearms designs like the King Cobra9, MOD9 series, G22 Grizzly XL in collab pilothobbies, WTF-9 series, PPDW9 Series by Wildcat_a, Romulan Charger by Wildcat_a, and many more designs that are listed below.


Matrix is a live chat room that we use to communicate. We have emmigrated to it from Keybase after they banned us. Since their was no chance of Discord letting us on in any capacity, we made due with the best software we have access to, and that was Matrix.

We highly recomend you use the Element phone app and/or PC program to connect to the Matrix server we are on.

Click here for to be redirected to join the community and see all our rooms., or alternatively you can go to If the those links don' t work for you, go to click here or to directly join our main chatroom.


These links point directly towards their respective firearms chatrooms:

King Cobra9 chatroom direct link is click here and the short link is

MOD9 chatroom direct link is click here and the short link is

MOD22x chatroom direct link is click here and the short link is

G22 Grizzly chatroom direct link is click here and the short link is



All files, documents, and videos are released to the public at no cost, and under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.


WF&GCI files on Odysee/Lbry are currently being reorganized so the zip files are easier to navigate, easier to understand, have the most up-to-date files, and match our new release criteria. We are slowly reuploadeding files so follow checkback once in a while or follow @Andrea1 or the mainchat WF&GCI chat for updates on the latest files and documents.

File Links:

Official released files are @

Derwood’s many designs files @

Mussy’s many files on Thingiverse @

Mussy’s many files backed up on Cults3D @

Mussy’s many files on DefCAD @

Zipdic’s design @

Lulzgoat/Wargoat’s design @

BlackSmithsForLifes Github Repo and Resources @

Offical Github Repo @

Official Backup of all the above files are @

Memembers mods and remixed files:

VangaurdArms LLC files @

Modded MOD9V1 by JoJoMasterson @

Artistic MOD9V3 by NotanAFTAgent @

MNF9 (Mix of MOD9 and FGC-9), Mod22X with ECM barrel, and Grizzly G22 with ECM barrel all by 3D Gun Cad files @


Video Links:

All build videos are officially @

AGCast’s Video review of the MOD9V2 (MOD9V2 before the 05-02 Update) @

Derwood’s Youtube Channel @

The Liberty Lover’s brief video explanations @

More videos can be found @


Agreement to Rules and Read the Disclaimer

Read our community rules before joining to know what to expect when joining, and to know what standard we hold our memebers to. Click here to read our rules.


Supporting developers work through donations

If you would like to show your gratitude and support further firearms development, you can donate directly to the devs:

Derwood (IvantheTroll’s Sensei) - One of the early members in the 3D printed firearms movement during the orginal FOSSCAD’s formative years in 2013. Co-developer of the WTF-9 Hilbilly, MOD9 V1-V3 series, Cobra9, and King Cobra9 series 3D printed firearms. Older 3D printed firearms developed by Derwood are AP9 2020 ver, Shuty AP9(what the FGC-9 is forked from), and Shutty V1-V4 series.

Support Derwood by subscribing to his DefCAD page @

Mussy (Dr.Mussy) - CAD master who joined the 3D printed firearms movement during the original FGC-9s developement in 2019. Co-developer of the WTF-9 MV, MOD9 V1-V3 series, Cobra9, and King Cobra9 series 3D printed firearms. Other works by Mussy are the G22 Grizzly & g22 Grizzly XL, MOD22lr, MX22, MOD9V3 Bullpup, MOD56, and MOD9V4, MOD40, and many stocks, braces, and grips.

Support Mussy by subscribing to his DefCAD page @

Zipdic - Mysterious yet resourceful developer who has been in 3D printed firearms movement for accouple years now. He has shown himself to be resourceful and innovative while assiting int designing many of WF&GCI’s recent designs that have been released. His crowning work is the MOD9 ZX Proto. An incredibe older design by him is the WTF-9 AVZ. He has been apart of the development of the Cobra9, MOD9V2, and MOD56.

Support Zipdic by subscribing to his DefCAD page @

LulzGoat/WarGoat - Resourceful and creavtive developer who has been in 3D printed firearms movement since early 2020. he is always working on a new design and helping out other projects in the works. Lulzgoat has desgined the Wargoat, Goatcharger, and MOD22X. He is currently working on his own take of a DIYable FN P90. He had also desgined the Lulzgoat AGLOW Bolt.

Support LulzGoat/WarGoat by subscribing to his DefCAD page @


The Firearms - Created and Released

This graphic is a timeline, made on May 2021, that documents some of WeightForward’s development of hybrid 3D printed firearms.

Documentation is a work in progress. More firearms and info coming soon. Have not included Mussy’s other projects ex: various Glock frames, signal launcher, etc…

Cobra9 (In Development) by Derwood & Mussy Compact Blowback 9mm Luger Pistol Caliber Carbine (Updated description coming soon). Stay tuned to learn more.

King Cobra by Derwood & Mussy Compact Delayed Blowback 9mm Luger Pistol Caliber Carbine (Updated description coming soon). Stay tuned to learn more.

MOD9 Series - 9mm Luger semiauto Pistol Caliber Carbine

MOD56 (In Development) by Mussy, Insertmeow, and Zipdic - Straight pull bolt action rifle that uses AR-15 barrel bolt, FCG, and magazines

MODmac(In Development) by Insertmeow - Mod9v3 that uses a Mac 11 bolt and has a Sten magwell to take sten and futre 3D printed sten magazines.

WarGoat (In Beta) by Lulzgoat - MOD9 that is almost entirely redesigned. (Updated description coming soon).

MOD22lr Series - 22lr semiauto Pistol Caliber Carbine

MX22 (In Development) by Mussy - Mostly 3D printed AR-15 style 22lr semi-auto firearm that uses a AR-15 FCG and a CMMG 22lr bolt with a barrel liner.

Goat Charger (In Beta) by Lulzgoat

WTF-9 Series by Derwood & Mussy - 9mm Luger semiauto Pistol Caliber Carbine that has a majority of the bolt weight inline and abbove the barrel

PPDW9 Series by Wildcat_a - 9mm Luger semiauto Pistol Caliber Carbine that is part aluminum receivers and part 3D printed parts

MODCat9 (In Development) by Wildcat_a & Insertmeow (Updated description coming soon).

Romulan Charger by Wildcat_a (Updated description coming soon).

Imura Zipdic 22lr Revolver by Yoshitomo_Imura & Zipdic - 22lr 3D printed revolver

G22 Grizzly by Mussy - Foldable single shot 22lr pistol

G22 Grizzly XL by Mussy & Pilotgeek - Foldable single shot 22lr rifle

GS Binary AR-15 Fire Control Group (In Open-Beta) by Ghostsnake


Submitting Files

If you have designs that you would be liked to be released with WF&GCI’s or files and/or docuementation that you would be like to be added into one of WF&GCI’s releases, join WF&GCI main chatroom and mention that in their so the mod team sees it and starts that process. Click here to be directed to the main chatroom or go to


OPSEC and PERSEC in the Online Community

5 Safety Guidelines Before Posting in the Team: Your OPSEC or PERSEC could be in danger if you don’t act responsibly.

  1. Post Safety Tip #1 Personally Identifiable Information. Do NOT share personally identifiable information. (Ex. name, address, place of work, personal social media accounts, personal emails, schools attended, previous employers, etc…)

  2. Post Safety TIP #2 Oversharing. Do NOT share the people or places from your personal life. (Ex. usernames of other accounts you have, places you frequently visit, events/conventions that you have/will attend, popular local places in your town/city, your local polticians, government leaders, sheriff, etc…)

  3. Posting Safety Tip #3 Self-Incrimination. Do NOT make statements or post pictures that break the laws in your country or states [i.e. Australia, UK, New York, New Jersey, California, etc..].

  4. Photo Safety #1 Identifying Information in Photos. When posting a picture, beware to not show identifying information, and do NOT show your finger tips, try to only show the firearm and the background. It’s easy to focus on what you’re taking a picture of in the foreground and forget to remove any identifying information from the background. (Ex: shipping labels on boxes, mail, work and school ID, family pictures, license plate, school and work logos, symbols, signs, and/or banners)

  5. Photo Safety #2: Metadata found in Exifdata Element does NOT remove exifdata/metadata from your images when you upload them to Element, meaning it is not safe to upload photos unless the exifdata is removed. The significance of metadata is it can tell someone anything from your name, brand of phone or computer, the OS of your computer or phone, the timezone you are in, or the exact GPS cordinates of the place the picture was taken.

    Removing Exifdata before posting:

    • Windows Computer: Open the image in Paint, click the Select tool, press CTRL+A, press CTRL+C, open up a new Paint window, and then press CTRL+V and then save as .png.

    • Phone: Note that cameras are set to automatically write exifdata to photos. Therefore its is recomended you turn off the location setting in the Camera app.

      1. The Element app has a built in camera that removes exifdata, making it safe for the photo to be uploaded.
      2. Screenshots, do not save exifdata to images. Take a screenshot of the photo you took while it is full screen on your device.
      3. Use a 3rd party app to scramble or remove the exifdata from your photos.


This is a living document. So it may change without prior notice.

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