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August 8, 2021 - 5 minutes
Firearms, not politics. The community is managed by the WF&GCI community moderators. These rules are made by them to refelect that we are a chill and lack group who make cool mechanical boom sticks in our spare time as a hobby. TLDR: Don't be a dick, print a gun and marvel at what you have made.


By joining the WF&GCI community or a WF&GCI room, you accept these rules, to governance by the moderator team, and acknowledge to have read the legal disclaimers below.



Our rules reflect what this group is about. Causual people making cool 3D printed firearmss as a hobby. Sit back, relax, download some files, ask some questions, and read the chats to learn about how to make these cool looking guns. Violating these rules may result in a mute, kick, or ban from the room/s and/or community entirely. Moderators try to be as patient as they can, but they will give one warning before action maybe taken.

Rules Explanation of rule Reason have the rule
#1 No Racism or Discrimination. That means no overt or covert racist or discriminatory remarks. To be more specific: no derogatory words (including usernames), slurs, and/or statements that are racist or discriminatory. We have people working on projects here from all around the world and from all types of backgrounds.
#2 No Politics or Political Discussion. We are only interested in making guns and other 3D printable goodies. We are all pro-firearms by definition. We don’t want to waste energy talking about politics, laws, and/or politicians.
#3 No Shitposting or Spamming. It is distracting, and buries the real discussions in the rooms. Nobody has the time to sort through shitposts and spam.
#4 No Doxxing or Threats of Doxxing. No exposing of private or public information about someone in this community. That is just messed up no matter how much you disagree with someone.
#5 No Minors Allowed (under age of 21). Act mature. If we suspect you are underage, then you will be banned from the community and rooms. Nobody here wants to get in trouble with any law enforcement agency.
#6 No call to actions or discussions for violence. Be smart. This is an obivious one. We and you don’t want to be subjects of any investigations from law enforcement agencies.
#7 No illegal activities with guns(based on US federal laws). We assume everyone is a US citizen since we all speak english. Be smart. Don’t ask and don’t tell where you or other people live. Their is 1000+ memebers in the main chat reading it. This is to protect the people that live in jurisdictions that have punishments for possession of 3D printed firearms or 3D printed firearms files.
#8 No harassing or attacking other users or mods. Be cool. Be chill. Be patient. Some people may not have compareable firearms handling or gunsmithing expereinces as you. We all start learning somwhere. Their may language and cultural barriers sometimes in here. Getting angry at each other only divides us further, and it ruins the mood.
#9 Keep discussions civil and cordial. Have discussions and debates, but if someone tells you to stop or calm down, that means take a moment to relax and check yourself. Nobody that is memeber or moderator here wants to fight or argue with strangers on the worldwideweb.
#10 No manufacturing or selling bolts, firing pins, or printed parts without written permission from the developers (Mussy & Derwood). Developers release their designs to the public for personal use only. This is why all their designs are released under a Non-Commercial license. Because developers release their designs, at no charge to the public, does not mean they relinquish the rights to ownership nor intellectual property rights of their designs. Developers have spent hundreds of hours designing, testing, and refining their designs; and spent their own money to purchase materials & equipment (ammo, filament, steel bars, tools, etc…). Developers would like to recuperate the costs that went into developing their designs. It is disheartening to see other people profit off your hard work that was done at your own expense.
#11 If your helping with the R&D, only send STEP files. STLs are the most useless format out there as none of our CAD software allow us to edit, modify, or measure them. Same as explanation of the rule.
#12 No advertising or promoting of financial services or business. Including, but not limited to; stocks, shares, funds, cryptocurrencies, or precious metals. We are not interested in verifying if what you are advertising or promoting is legitimate. We want to avoid dealing with drama and reprecusions of people losing their money from these schemes.

License Notice

All files, documents, and videos released by WF&GCI are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.


Manufacture, or even attempted manufacture, of an unlicenced firearm is a serious crime in many jurisdictions around the world. In addition, even possessing copies (physical or digtal) of 3D printable files and instructions could be deemed criminal under certain circumstances in certain jurisdictions. Would-be makers of such items should take note of and abide by their relevant national and local laws.

The WF&GCI community exists for educational purposes only. WF&GCI’s website, webpages, and addditional resources are for educational purposes only.

Canadians can only manafacturer firearms that they have licenses to own. Beware 3D printed/self manufactured firearms and files are explicitly or de facto banned in: Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico (Link 1 and Link 2), Singapore, United Kingdom Page 5 and Page 22, etc…

The BATFE has a dedicated webpage about 3D printed firearms at the federal level. 3D printing files are fedrally free to own and share in the USA. If you reside in CA, CT, NJ (Bill S2465 Section K) and (Bill S3897 Section K), or NY (Bill S1414a), refer to that state’s attorney general’s website for information regarding the legality of 3D printed, unserialized, self-made, etc… firearms. Would-be makers of 3D-Printed firearms and accesories should take note and abide by their relevant national and local laws.

The WF&GCI community exists for educational purposes only. WF&GCI’s website, webpages, and addditional resources are for educational purposes only. Server Terms and Conditions Server Code of Conduct Server Privacy Policy Privacy Policy


This is a living document. So it may change without prior notice.

If you have have any suggestions or questions relating to this page. Contact a active moderator in our online community.

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